Here's how to find employees with a disability
who will strengthen your team

Perfectly Able charts a step-by-step strategy for reducing
your employee turnoverĀ and retaining employee talent.
           How to Attract and Hire
   Talented People with Disabilities

    compiled and edited by JIM HASSE

Join my Perfectly Able forum, Timely Tips for Retaining Employee Talent, to keep up-to-date and share your thoughts about putting disability to work as your competitive edge.

Specifically, Perfectly Able shows you how to: 
  • Gain a better awareness of disability.
  • Foster a company culture that is receptive to disability.
  • Make your recruiting efforts disability inclusive.
  • Identify job candidates who will thrive in your corporate culture.
  • Approach people management from a disability perspective. 

These are the five chapters of the book. It's what you need to reduce your employer turnover rate by tapping the right accomplishing people with a disability.

I know you don’t have much time mulling through a guidebook. You may work in a small company without much HR support. You may be a do-it-yourself hiring manager who gets involved in every step of the hiring process.

That’s why I wrote this guidebook with summaries at the beginning of each chapter and bullet points of key concepts at the end of each chapter.

Take 10 minutes to skim these key concepts, and you have a complete picture of this guidebook. Later, you can then always go back and read the details you need at the moment.   

Join the Perfectly Able forum, share your thoughts, read the submissions of others and you’ll find that Perfectly Able is not a static, hard cover book but an evolving resource that will continually keep you up-to-date about disability employment issues.

It's a resource you'll use for years.

Packed with more than 100 first-hand accounts of how people with disabilities handle workplace challenges and dozens of real-world examples of innovative HR strategies used by major corporations, Perfectly Able offers insights from eSight Careers Network, Lighthouse International’s online resource for job seekers, employers, and small businesses.

Perfectly Able

  • Provides useful information about how to recruit talented individuals with a disability and strengthen your team’s productivity.
  • Redefines diversity, arguing that the “numbers game” approach is an outdated concept and that full inclusion is the "new diversity."
  • Calls attention to often undetected “special employment” attitudes that can create artificial limits for people who have disabilities.
  • Supplies dozens of interview questions for pinpointing people with the qualities and skills your organization or company needs.
  • Provides tips about how to translate a candidate’s volunteer or entrepreneurial achievements into experience you can evaluate from a corporate perspective.
  • Outlines effective recruitment strategies for locating top job candidates with disabilities.
  • Explodes the myth that ADA’s accommodation guidelines make it too expensive to employ workers with disabilities.

For an excerpt from the book, see "How to Foster a Company Culture That Values Diversity and Disability."

But, the most helpful section may be the "Comprehensive Resource List for Hiring People with Disabilities," which includes links to information online that I've been collecting since 2007.

Perfectly Able helps you redefine your recruitment and hiring practices and build a truly inclusive employee recruitment strategy.

It will open your eyes to the untapped potential for building a diverse and dependable workforce -- like the people who have made this book possible.

Perfectly Able: How to Attract and Hire Talented People with Disabilities now.

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