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This is your first opportunity. Hiring younger workers with a disability now can be your preparation for taking full advantage of a long-term, upcoming change in the U.S. employment landscape.  

That coming change is this:

Older, accomplished workers, some of whom may have acquired a disability along the way, will remain on the job, even though they may be retired. 

By acting now, you’ll be prepared for this growing segment of the U.S. workforce and be able to retain your most valuable employees on perhaps a part-time basis, even though they are retired and have a disability.

Here’s your second opportunity.

Your employees born between 1977 and 1995 (commonly   called "Generation Y") generally tend to have big expectations and a feeling of entitlement in terms of personal, rapid success and challenge within the workplace.

They may be glad to have a job at your company during this current recession. But, will they stick with you once economic conditions improve?  

Perfectly Able gives you a strategy for replacing those employees who will leave your company with individuals who have a disability and are more likely to stick with you during the best of times and times that are not so great precisely because they may know how to deal with the grind inherent in accomplishing a long-term goal.

What’s your third opportunity?

As the economy recovers and you start adding people to your payroll, you’ll want to extend your diversity to those who will stay with you as well as those who will likely be gone in two years.

Many employees today remain on the job for about 23 to 24 months, according to the 2006 Bureau of Labor Statistics.
And, the Employment Policy Foundation states total replacement costs add up to an average of $15,000 per employee.

Yes, your employee turnover rate may be down during this current recession, but how long will that last? As soon as the economy recovers, you’re likely to be back in the same old routine: spending a good chunk of your time replacing employees who jump ship every two years. 

Perfectly Able provides you with a broader range of recruitment options so you can be even more selective in terms of dependability, accomplishment and retention as you add new people to your team.

Here is what that retention strategy is all about.

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Why you need it now

Here's why hiring people with disabilities
is a timely employee retention strategy

Perfectly Able helps you prepare for three upcoming opportunities
to retain and build your work group's talent
– opportunities you need to tap now.

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